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T.I. Dynamic Facades® is a collection of rainscreen facade systems and finishes that turn your design into reality

29 Jun

The Journey of T.I. Dynamic Facades

T.I. Tiles International Ltd/Dynamic Facades were originally part of a larger roofing and cladding group of companies. When considering any new systems to add to our façade collection, we would always consult with the group on the method of installation and interpretation. We had at least three façade types with their own fixing method which led us to develop and test a system where a universal fixing system could be used on almost all of our façades.

We developed a system that we provide today called “Dynamic Track”. Our objective was to simplify the installation system across our façade family, giving a universal interpretation and application. This makes it easy for architects and facade designers to take our standard details and include them within their drawings. Each panel was tested with the Dynamic Track to ensure that when applying a universal fixing system, performance was not compromised. All panel types have the same Kerf detail in the same position regardless of the panel type and all panels are reinforced to provide positive and negative performance.

Panels from our Aerolite Stone family are all manufactured with this detail. Our Engineered Ston range as well as our Urban Glass range and our Fibreform “G” range. Our objective is for the installer to be able to install the rails whilst the façade panels are still in transit permitting the panels to be retrofit on arrival. This has proven to be of great value since the setting out and installation of the rails is the more intricate part of the installation. The panels are installed with great ease either bottom to top or top to bottom thus addressing the most suitable and economical method of plant to work from.

Installation contractors working with these systems are complimentary on the labour saving and setting out qualities of “Dynamic Track”. They are familiar and understand the setting out once the module height of the system is agreed. Joint widths from 6mm-8mm-10mm can be accommodated to suit the client preference, and with our vertical space clip of the same variation, the system provides an accurate modulated system on completion. The aluminium rails are normally in a black painted finish, however, we can arrange to have them powder coated to a client’s choice at a premium as well as in a natural mill finish. 

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