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T.I. Tiles International Ltd

T.I. Dynamic Facades® is a collection of rainscreen facade systems and finishes that turn your design into reality

An insurance backed and guaranteed facade bonding system suitablefor all facade panels.

A unique solution for facade installation, a purpose designed and manufactured adhesive system that will bond any facade panel to metal, timber, concrete, stone substructure’s etc.


No primer necessary and so simple to use, a hybrid polymer adhesive with an insurance backed guarantee, can be used on horizontal and vertical sub-frames. Reducing substantially installation times and eliminating the need for a high skill factor at installation.


Dynamic Bond will adhere, glass, cement particle board, stone, high pressure laminate, all metal panels, timber, concrete, all plastic type panels, ceramic etc.


We will train your site operatives and certify them, thereafter we will attend site for pre setting out advice, inspection during and on completion of the installation.


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