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T.I. Dynamic Facades® is a collection of rainscreen facade systems and finishes that turn your design into reality

Taking granite well beyond tradition.

Our many years of experience in the stone rainscreen industry, along with our commitment to conserving the Earth’s resources, has led us to the innovative development of TI Aerolite® Granite, a revolutionary and green-friendly 100% natural stone product for external facades.

  • TI Aerolite® Granite is a lightweight, 100% natural granite panel that uses less of natural resources in its manufacture, transport and installation.

  • TI Aerolite® Granite is 17mm and 20mm thick natural granite reinforced by a fibreglass matting. The granite is profiled to facilitate easy installation on to a horizontal carrier system on its top and bottom edges. 
  • With a diverse range of colours and face finishes, TI Aerolite® Granite allows you to re-create the traditional stone aesthetic with a simple and fast method of installation which befits both your creative vision and construction programme.
  • Lightweight TI Aerolite® Granite is a fraction of the weight of normal 40mm & 75mm stone facades and so reduces production, shipping, and construction costs, at the same time allowing greater affordability, installation versatility and real value when compared to traditional stone products.
  • TI Aerolite® Granite is manufactured to exacting tolerances and can be installed quickly, economically and in a format whereby the panels are demountable.
  • 90-degree angles supplied as pre-formed units are used in corner applications that conceal the true thickness of the stone. The overall result is an façade installation that simulates traditional 40mm, 75mm or 100mm thick stone. Moreover TI Aerolite® Granite can and has been supplied as pre-formed Cills, Jambs, Copings, Feature Fins etc offering you complete design flexibility.
  • With over 50,000m2 of successful installations in the UK and Ireland, TI Aerolite® Granite has been used extensively within sectors such as Hotels / Offices / Student Accommodations / Schools / Universities & Retail.
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